If you have come to this BlogSite it is because I gave you a business card and am trying to build a portfolio.

I would like to do a Trade For CD/email email images or Print below.

Time for print (also known as trade for print or test for print, TFP and sometimes also print for time or PFT) is a term used in many online photography communities describing an arrangement between a model and a photographer, whereby the photographer agrees to provide the model with an agreed number of pictures of the best photographs from the session and a limited license to use those pictures in return for the model’s time. A variant of this arrangement is Time for CD or Trade for CD (TFCD). With TFCD, the selection of images is provided on a CD in lieu of prints. Similarly, with the ease and convenience of digital distribution of high resolution images, the generic term TF* has evolved, where it does not necessarily refer to a tangible CD or Printed image since the same accepted rules apply.

There are benefits to both parties of such an arrangement: the model can build a portfolio of prints to show to prospective clients at little or no cost, while the photographer gets a model for a particular project with little if any outlay of cash.


When I come to an event and take a few images people feel I should ‘give’ them what is mine, what are they thinking?

Thousands of dollars in equipment and years of experience on top of maintaining a computer and staying on top of technology.

You do not feel comfortable giving your number or email to me but yet I should feel comfortable giving prints or allowing you to copy my images off the web?

Please comment on the images at least I know you took the time.

Above in the menu you can click on Blog there are some images there.

Most of the images I shot right here in Ellenville.

Yes, I can tell when people come to the BlogSite once or more than once.

Help me help you help me 😉

An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.
James Whistler

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